My life is like soccer. The field is like my house. Almost everyday I go play. When I get there I feel like I’m at my house. Except I have more freedom in the soccer field. I feel like I can let my anger out on the soccer field.

The players on the field are like my family. The goalie is like my mom she is the one that keeps us save from anything or anyone. She cant let anyone get in between our family. Like the goalie cant let the other team make a goal. My brothers are like the defenders. They have to try to defend us from things. For example if there’s someone that wants to harm me, my brave brothers have to protect me. Just like the defenders have to protect the goalie. I am like the mid-fielder I am the one that has to support everyone. I have the most responsibilities. I have to cook and wash dishes. That’s how I have the most responsibilities cause I am the oldest. Just like the mid-fielder has the most responsibility by having to take the other team on.


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